Swooping from my cul-de-sac into the blogosphere

I’m Becky Nicolaides.  And like 51% of Americans I live in a suburb.  I also study the suburbs pretty intensively.  (I’m a historian and have written books about it.)  Life and work continually collide.  I thought I’d start blogging to share some musings about suburban life as an insider and outsider.  It’s a slightly schitzoid existence, being hyper aware of the ways this place is “socially produced” while I’m struggling to get my kids out the door every morning – without forgetting lunches, backpacks, kneepads, etc.   My husband says I’m “embedded” in the suburbs… or did he mean I’m in bed in the suburbs?  Either way, it works.  Let’s see where this all goes…

That gorgeous picture up at the top was taken by Andrew Wiese, my dear friend and writing partner.


3 thoughts on “Swooping from my cul-de-sac into the blogosphere

  1. I’ve enjoyed every entry so far. I’m subscribed and hooked. Are you OK with cross-posting links for entries on Facebook, Twitter, etc.? Your topics dovetail nicely with some of the issues I’m working with in my community.


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